Simple yet stylish outfit

Hey everyone,

I feel your outfit should define who you are. You should be comfortable and also feel good when you are in it. Create your own style ! Be New !

Need a perfect outfit for a date or a casual dinner?

Here’s my take

High waist jeggings, simple yet stylish top with strapped flat sandals.

Also decided to wear minimum accessory since the look was simple .

Location :- CARNIVAL restaurant , Pune.

The ambience , service , food was amazing at the Carnival Resto-Bar. Must visit!

Thanks for being here,




9 Comments Add yours

  1. 925brands says:

    Keep shafing, stay motivated


      1. 925brands says:

        Anaisa! thx for your reply. It really kept us going.
        Do you listen to music? which type do u like?


      2. Anaisa says:

        Yes I do ! I like music on which you can dance


      3. 925brands says:

        Great! means you also like dancing, who is your favourite artist, singer?


      4. 925brands says:

        Love to hear! Share more


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